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Vitiligo Diet Food Restrictions

Vitiligo diet is a big issue for vitiligo patients as lot is said about diet restrictions and diet modifications in vitiligo patients.

General patients are confused about what to eat and what not to eat and what should be their diet plan for vitiligo.

Also worrying part is patient does not know how important diet restrictions are, are they very important or are just a myth.

At kayakalp we have treated more than 20 thousand patients and discussed and observed diet pattern of all the patients in details. We have documented what was consumed by a patient in the days when the disease started spreading. We have observed the changes made by a patient in diet during their travel and our of country stay and in patient in merchant navy on ship etc.

Possibility of spread in non vegetarian and vegetarian has been documented and use of sea food has been made in details.

At kayakalp we have observed that fruits and food which contain higher content of phenols are possible triggers of vitiligo. Strawberries, Citrus fruits, Mangoes, Red meat and Turmeric contain phenols and should be used in lesser quantity.

One slice of mango is not a toxin in vitiligo patients. Moderate use of these fruits is not a trigger just do not over do the above mentioned fruits.

Haldi or curcumin has been mentioned in Ayurveda as a color fairing agent so excessive use of Haldi is a trigger 2 gms of haldi can be used per day as therapeutic triggers comes with doses more than 5 gms per days.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids are help full in recovery.

Apple, Corot, Beat root are rich in minerals and are good in vitiligo.

If you practically ask me what diet plan should a vitiligo patient strict to? My recommendation with years of work and documentation is that diet is 5% of total things which is affecting the spread.

Stress relieving, Life style modifications, yoga and proper medication is 95% in vitiligo management.

So do not overdo diet part, kayakalp global is best treatment clinic for vitiligo diet management and guidance.