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Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease.1% of world population is suffering from vitiligo.

People living in hot countries and people with dark skin are more affected because patches are more prominent and more visible.
People suffering from disease are also having more chances of developing other autoimmune disorders like Thyroid and diabetes.

Vitiligo is genetic in origin and chances of vitiligo to develop in children of parents suffering from vitiligo are more.
Modern science consider it as a genetic disorder trigger due to stress and life style changes.
Ayurveda has described vitiligo as shweta kushta and has correlated vitil;igo with diet , intestine abnormalities and toxins produced in intestines and blood.

Lot of research is going on in treatment of vitiligo in both ayurvedic institutes and modern science.
At kayakalp we have treated more than 20,000 patients with success by integrative approach.

Vitiligo is a disease where patient need to trust his doctor and have patience .Also doctor should have years of expertise in treatment and had seen lots of patients and refined his approach to get succeeded.