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Vitiligo Treatment Ayurveda

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Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurveda

Vitiligo is tough disease and need personal attention. Best vitiligo Treatment plan is designed taking in account the need of patient and the stage of his disease

Internal Medicine –
The first and the most important part is to neutralize the toxin produce due to stress and wrong food combination. Herbal medicines are provided in extract foam for the treatment. Intestinal absorption need to be looked after for better absorption of minerals and vitamins. As stress is also a trigger so herbal medicines like BRAMHI, SHANKHPUSHPI, JATAMNASI are used to neutralize these triggers. Presence of infections in tooth and body are also looked after. According to Ayurveda VATA defect is a major cause for the spread of disease and is looked after during the treatment. Immunity deficiency is also taken care during the treatment and treatment plan is design accordingly.

External medicine –
This is a specialize field and should be done under the expert supervision. External application is provided depending upon the skin type of patient. Some patients need milder external application to stimulate color formation and some need stronger application. At kayaklap with years of experience we have refined this art.

Sun exposure is required in some patients to speed up the recovery but again in some patient sun exposure is a not good thing. As skin become very red and itchy after sun exposure. At kayakalp, patient specific external applications are provided and sun exposure guided.

After the color is formed it is time to stabilize the color so that it does not get destroyed and skin does not losses its color after the color is formed. Specialize herbal application are provided on recovered skin for next few months to make it permanent. We are having special team to guide you during the process of recovery.

Yoga Guidelines –
Ayurvedic treatment vitiligo include 20 minutes morning yoga exercises which are very helpful in stress relieving and immune modulation. Lom Vilom and Kapal Bhati are advised.

Things to remember before you choose a treatment plan –

  • If you are using steroid don’t suddenly stop them. At kayakalp we will gradually tapper it off and integrate it with ayurvedic medicines.
  • If you are using homeopathy and are not getting 20% recovery in three months you can shift to kayakalp treatment plan.
  • If you are using ayurvedic or herbal medicines and your medicines contain babchi , it is not good for long term use as it may cause vision lose or cataract. When we are using babchi our skin become more sensitive to sun and our eyes are also absorbs more light which is dangerous for the eyes.
  • If disease is spreading on finger tips or lips do not wait for long and shift to kayakalp treatment plan because if once finger tips and lips become white they are nearly incurable.

    • Taking right decision at the right time is the key to success.

      Vitiligo is a difficult to treat disease and need dedicated patient and experienced doctor to treat this disease. According to ayurveda this disease is caused due to defect in Brajak pitta in skin. Brajak pitta is described as color forming energy in body.

      There are many causes mentioned in Ayurvedic texts which can cause defect in Brajak pitta like excessive mental stress and diet which is hot in its property like tea, coffee and spicy foods. Best ayurvedic doctors for vitiligo also take in account this energy when he plans the treatment plan for a vitiligo patient. Herbs are selected which help in lowering pitta dosha from body. Diet plan is also guided accordingly. Vitiligo is a disease where patient need to be relaxed during his treatment as excessive stress can further trigger this disease.