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Vitiligo Specialist Clinic Delhi NCR, India

  1. To re pigment a vitiligo patch is an art. It needs proper guidance about amount of sun exposure or UV exposure required in each patient at vitiligo specialty clinic. This time is different in each individual .
  2. If patient over expose vitiligo patch the pigmentation will be darker and speed of recovery will be slow. If patient is under exposing , the result will be slow.
  3. Spreading need to be arrested and all possible causes of spread should be taken care.
    1. Stress is a major trigger and herbal medicines are provided to neutralize the stress triggers
    2. Immunity is also a cause extract are provided to regulate the immune deficiency.
    3. VIT-B 12 and Folic Acid deficiency is the cause which is taken care during the treatment.
    4. Copper deficiency is also a trigger in some cases which is also taken in account during the treatment.
  4. Patient who are using steroids are not advised to stop the steroids abruptly and are advised to gradually taper it off.
  5. At Kayakalp Dr. Dhawan personally examine all the patient and design their treatment plan.
  6. Wrong food combinations can trigger toxin in blood and cause vitiligo. At Kayakalp diet plan is designed taking in account the food combination.
  7. Patient is advised 20 minutes Yoga guidelines daily.
  8. At Kayaklp we know that vitiligo is a devastating mental stress causing disorder more serious then a heart disease and even cancer.

So at kayakalp we have got a dedicated team and we will not let vitiligo ruin your life.