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Vitiligo Causes

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Causes of Vitiligo

Before of we discuss about the causes of vitiligo we should briefly understand what viltigo is . Vitiligo is stress induced, genetic and a life style disorder. Number of patient are increasing day by day due to irregular lifestyle, pollution and wrong food habits.

1% of the population is suffering from this disease. In ayurvedic text the disease has been mentioned as SHWETAKUSHTHA and its causes and line of treatment has been mentioned in very detail.

Lot of research is under way in modern science to fully understand the pathogeneses of disease /causes of vitiligo and work is in progress on stem cells for treatment. Modern science looks at vitiligo as a genetically triggered disorder, people with parents suffering from vitiligo, Thyroid or diabetes are more prone to vitiligo.Stressful conditions especially in the patient who are living in longer periods of stressful time are prone to vitiligo.

Vit-B12 and copper deficiency is also a cause. Presence of infection, gastric and liver related problems can trigger vitiligo. External contact irritant can also trigger vitiligo. Contact with rubber or plastic, condoms, artificial jewelry, injury to skin and tight clothes are also triggers for vitiligo.

Ancient text book Charak Samhita describe charak as best vitiligo doctor in ancient India. He has described vitiligo and its causes in detail. It has been mentioned that food with opposite properties can trigger vitiligo like milk with meat OR FISH, ghee with honey, milk with fruits like mango, excess of vitamin C and vitamin-C with milk, salt with milk are considered opposite food combination. If they are used together they produce toxins and trigger vitiligo.

North Indian patient using yogurt at night in rainy season can trigger skin diseases. There was a tradition of using grains after maturing them for a year. But now in a day people are not following it and using new grains which are available in stores which is not good for vitiligo. Improper digestion and having more food before previous food is digested can produce toxin in body. Similarly constipation can also produce toxin and also trigger vitiligo.

Ayurveda text has mentioned that if the patient is having sex within one hour of having his dinner or meals is not good for skin diseases. Signals from brain for digestion are deranged during this process and cause toxin production.

Sleeping during the day time except in hot summer day is not advisable. Sleep pattern/time should also be fixed. Call Centre people having disturbed sleep are prone to vitiligo. Natural Vegas of body like stool and urine should not be stopped as toxins present in them are reabsorbed and this can trigger skin diseases.

People living with low sun exposure and Indian population using more sea food are more prone. Meat cooked in yogurt is wrong combination in vitiligo patients.